Freethinking Island Podcast

A Freethinking forum for the unique Caribbean audience and indeed the world. Freethinking Island, where an open mind is your passport for entry. “no religion – know reason”
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17 thoughts on “Freethinking Island Podcast

  1. Good interview Mr. Bellot. I enjoyed listing to your story. We do have a lot in common in terms of our experience. There is not doubt that we have to promote freethinking in the islands. We exist and we are here. Good job…..

  2. God is a fairyest from Grenada. He used a canon and Island hop to Dominica, where he set up camp in Mt. Diablotin for a while. He then heard of the CARICOM and thought it was a very good idea, so he obtained a passport. Thinking for a while on where he may use his passport to go, God decided to traveled to Barbados, where he lived for a while. One day, hunger overtook God, he ate some flying fish and cou cou, but was not satisfied, so he decided to head to Trinidad to get roti. Where is God now? Who knows? Last I heard, he was last seen in Grenada eating oil-down. He might just end up on this island. lol
    Good job guys. This Island is great….. the interviews are great.

    • Lol. Thanks Seon. If you run across God anywhere please send him our way, we would DEARLY love to get an interview with him.

  3. Interesting episode. I learn a lot form listing to Duane Howard, and from the Trinidadian prospective. Kudos to us Caribbean people. Spreading reason and rationality throughout the Caribbean is certainly needed. I don’t think it is arguing with someone, as much as explaining that there are other ways in looking at the world and answering questions. I agree with David that it is about building a progressive culture as appose to arguing with an individual. Great episode guys….
    Peace in reason Duane

    • Was our pleasure to have YOU Hilaire! It was a great show for sure. Can’t wait to have you back.

  4. You talking real bobolee… lol We burn bobolee in Grenada too. As skeptics we will encountered many bobolee arguments form religious people. We have to burn them…
    Good shows… Guy P. Harrison was indeed very informative. You guys are doing a heck of a good job.
    You guys are not talking bobolee… lol

    • Thanks man!! Yes they do come with some real madness, straw men and all sorts a jumbie things – glad you keep enjoying!

  5. You guys need to get Author Veronia Cutting on there. She’s a non believer and a writer, poet, philosopher. She’s interesting, no doubt about it.

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